I help companies solve performance problems. Unlike my competitors who are focused on training, I am focused on strengthening individual and organizational performance.

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Alen Mayer, Performance Consultant

Shubh Mann, VP of Sales
NFI Industries

Alen helped us perform better!

Excellent help and well worth the investment! We need more of this type of engagement, which would provide us with different strategies when approaching customers, resolving conflict or effectuating change. There were lots of ‘little nuggets’ of excellent advice throughout the engagement with you.

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Insights: Learn to maximize performance of your people

Do you know what is the single largest contributor to your company’s effectiveness? If you ignore it, you will fail. Follow my blog and learn how to strengthen individual and organizational performance.

Services to help you solve performance issues and maximize performance

As a performance consultant who works with Fortune 1000 companies who want to determine the causes of performance issues, my services will help you produce business results by maximizing performance of your people and organization, without wasting time and money on unnecessary training sessions.

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Are you struggling with on-the-job performance gaps in your business that impact business results?

Are you looking to identify on-the-job performance gaps? Do you have trouble with determining root causes for identified gaps in the performance — and want to maximize performance of people and organization? Reserve a free, confidential 20-minute consultation with me and we’ll discuss the problems you face in your business — and potential solutions.

After our consultation, you will…

  • Discover the single largest contributor to your company’s effectiveness
  • Learn the difference between the wants-based approach, the needs-based approach, and the results-based approach to performance issues
  • Understand the importance of calculating performance gaps in terms of outcomes rather than behavior

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